Petite J, la 공주 (princesse) coréenne



Meet Kaidon, or how I have been calling him for the longest time Little J.
Kaidon and I met at a Fashion Show hosted by a school organization way back in college. We had known each other for a while but we didn’t really start hanging out until last summer. Ever since, we have become really good friends and I am daily inspired by his impeccable taste, immaculate style, and amazing make up skills. I have been lucky enough to see his style flourished from when we first met to what it is now: a full on Aries babe.

As a Textiles and Apparel major his eye is meticulous and his attention to detail precise. I am always surprised by his outfits. He makes things that might not always go together work harmoniously with an edge. Only he can make some of these things work because he has that “unf” that it truly is fabulous. (And for me to say the F word means a lot because I just almost never use it. I could only use it when it comes to Little J).

Little J’s style is calculated head to toe. From his Margiela boots to the tips of his beautiful lavender hair. Everything truly works. For this, there was not a better setting to showcase his style than in a place where he was the center of it all: West Texas. Here, the landscape was the stage and the beautiful blue sky was a never ending spotlight. When shooting for the post I remember feeling so inspired by all the elements of the shoot, especially Kaidon! Little J, saranghea and thanks for being part of FM.

À bientôt,












Wearing: First Look; Zara Pants, Moschino Blouse, Miista Shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Clutch, Orange Sunnies Karen Walker, Big Black Onix ring Lowluv by Erin Wasson. Second Look; Clear Googles Henry Holland for les specs, Pants Helmut Lang, Miista Shoes, Brown Top Tienda Ho, Black Jacket Peter O. Mahler.

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