Le 10ème


Ciao guys! I’m finally back.
It has been a season and a half since I’ve been gone and finally here is FM’s 10th post!  Let’s just say Texas is too hot for me to function in the summer time and NOTHING got done. This post is particularly special to me because its in the double digits. I know 10 posts aren’t a lot but it still gets me really excited.

My outfit is my slow transition to full on winter attire! I am playing with a BRIGHT yellow American Apparel T-shirt with black everything else and to accentuate the yellow shirt that comfortable fuzzy greenish/blue sweater. The day we shot this the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The breeze seemed like another accessory to my outfit since every time it would touch my shirt, the chiffon would go on a dance off with the wind.

This summer I developed an obsession with hats and denim. I’ve always avoid wearing hats because getting the look right is rather hard. I despise fedora hats so maybe that’s where my hat-phobia came from, I feel people could look silly wearing them if they don’t get the look right. Thankfully, little by little I have been wearing them throughout the summer and also during night time (I feel that there’s something daring and irreverent about wearing hats at night, using an accessory not for the purpose it was intended to is fun! After all rules are meant to be broken, no?🙂 ). So here’s some hat-wearing fun to balance that in your face yellow shirt. Finally, the delicate attributes of the bow worn around my neck agains the ruthlessness of the studded boots make this outfit a huge juxtaposition of textures colors and materials that aren’t really meant to go together but somehow end up working out!

À très bientôt, 







Wearing: Shoes Deena & Oozzy, Pants Armani Exchange, Button up T-shirt American Apparel, Bow, Hat, and Sweater Buffalo Exchange.

Photos by Juju Huang.
Accessories and styling advice: Kaidon Ho.

6 thoughts on “Le 10ème

  1. OK, you’re officially the coolest most sickning RA I ever had!!!!!! You have this amazing Fashion Blog, and I love this look🙂

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