FashionMonsieur 2.0


Yes, yes, I know, I have been gone for quite a while now, and I could not bear it anymore. I was doing this little thing called ADULTING and last time I checked it had been a little over a year and a half since my last post. Dedication is not a something that comes easily to me but I’m working on it and hopefully I will be around more often. 

So what have I been up to?

  • Got a job! A real grown up job that has allowed me to travel to places I’ve never been before, and for which I am so thankful. I hope that with the relaunch of FashionMonsieur I get to share with you a little bit of my travel/adventures.
  • I moved! Shortly after graduating college (yay Hook ‘Em Horns) I had to move to Miami for work. And before you congratulate me and say how “perfect Miami would be for me” let me tell you that I no longer live there! I had my heart set in stone for New York City and after a humid, hot and beachy 10 months in the 305 I am now living in The Concrete Jungle! 

It’s crazy to think that almost the last two years of my life were able to being summarized in 2 short bullet points but I had all my heart and energy in making those happen. Now, I feel I can get back to my little neglected blog in the middle of the World Wide Web. 

I have so many projects in mind and so many post-ideas I’d like to do. Im full of life and excitement and cannot wait to make it all work. Anyway, before this becomes one of those so dreaded 10 page papers we hated to do in college, keep posted for new stuff coming your way.

xo, -FashionMonsieur
P. S.: if you want to see what have I been doing and where I’ve been traveling check out my insta @fashionmonsieur after all they say a picture is worth a thousand words馃槈

Les 脡tats-Unis de Brooklyn


Hey guys!
After the stress-induced last weeks of my last semester of college I can gladly say I am done with undergrad. I have been on my zen mode for the past few weeks: eating super healthy, boycotting fast food AND sodas and working out regularly. I had forgotten about my pair of sneakers which were buried in the depths of my closet during this past semester and now that I am done, I decided to start running again regularly.

I am a firm believer that no matter what you do you can do it looking good. This outfit is a comfortable yet a nice way to look while going for a run or just walking your dog in the morning. These joggers are made with the most comfortable material and during the winter I had them on all the time: at home, to go to the library to cram before a test, and for a quick run to the grocery store. Sorry Karl. And to complete the look a good old denim jacket always does the trick.

Pro-tip: take advantage of the HUGE sales that the big retailers have at the end of each season and buy graphic tees with cool designs to take to the gym. The one I’m wearing I got it for like $5 at Urban Outfitters the original prize was about three times more what I paid for.

脌 bient么t,




Wearing: Lee Denim Jacket, Urban Outifters Graphic Tee, CPO Joggers, Nike Running shoes

Photos by Juju Huang.

Petite J, la 瓿奠< (princesse) cor茅enne



Meet Kaidon, or how I have been calling him for the longest time Little J.
Kaidon and I met at a Fashion Show hosted by a school organization way back in college. We had known each other for a while but we didn’t really start hanging out until last summer. Ever since, we have become really good friends and I am daily inspired by his impeccable taste, immaculate style, and amazing make up skills. I have been lucky enough to see his style flourished from when we first met to what it is now: a full on Aries babe.

As a Textiles and Apparel major his eye is meticulous and his attention to detail precise. I am always surprised by his outfits. He makes things that might not always go together work harmoniously with an edge. Only he can make some of these things work because he has that “unf” that it truly is fabulous. (And for me to say the F word means a lot because I just almost never use it. I could only use it when it comes to Little J).

Little J’s style is calculated head to toe. From his Margiela boots to the tips of his beautiful lavender hair. Everything truly works. For this, there was not a better setting to showcase his style than in a place where he was the center of it all: West Texas. Here, the landscape was the stage and the beautiful blue sky was a never ending spotlight. When shooting for the post I remember feeling so inspired by all the elements of the shoot, especially Kaidon! Little J, saranghea and thanks for being part of FM.

脌 bient么t,












Wearing: First Look; Zara Pants, Moschino Blouse, Miista Shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Clutch, Orange Sunnies Karen Walker, Big Black Onix ring Lowluv by Erin Wasson. Second Look; Clear Googles Henry Holland for les specs, Pants Helmut Lang, Miista Shoes, Brown Top Tienda Ho, Black Jacket Peter O. Mahler.

Marfa, TX. Jour I


Marfa, TX. Population 1,899. Little oasis in the middle of the desert.
I had always wanted to come down to Marfa. The first time I heard about it was from my High School teacher, she always described it as an art mecca. I was always very intrigued but couldn’t make the trip down since it is so far from where I live. This year I took it upon myself to make the trip reality, talked to 5 other friends and voil脿!

The city is truly inspiring. The art scene here is huge and the art installation pieces are scattered throughout the city waiting to be found. If you ever get the chance to come to Marfa I urge you to do it. It is the perfect getaway from everything. Not only we were in the middle of nowhere but the pace of everything seemed to stop. I truly felt a connection with nature and although I was freaking out every five min because the phone service was so bad, in retrospective, it was a good realization of how dependable on technology I have become. I just can’t not instagram. Haha.

After a well deserved breakfast, the first thing we did after our arrival was hitting up the local thrift store on the town square. The sweater I am wearing was one of my finds. I only got it for $3. It was the perfect find since it just added to the character of my outfit. It blended so well with my denim button up and my acid washed pants. Despite having brought 3 other pair of shoes I ended up wearing my Dr. Martens since it was just the perfect fit for the landscape. I really need to stop wearing them. I wear them none-stop. The hat was a must since it is, after all, West Texas!

脌 bient么t,聽










Wearing: Sweater Thrift find, Denim button up American Apparel, Hat Thrifted, Acid wash pants Zanerobe, Shoes Dr. Martens, Sunnies Urban Outfitters.

Photos by Juju Huang.

Une petite promenade



Bonjour 脿 tous!
This is Tara.
Tara is Tay’s roommate. (Remember Tay‘s post?) They both moved to NYC around the same time and I have known Tara since my Freshman year of college. Tara summarized in one word: simplicity. Her style is very boho-parisienne if you catch my drift. Knits, and oversized blouses is what comes to mind when I think about her style. She can very easily pull anything off but the flowy-comfy looks are def her thing. She’s such a francophile and it is always enjoyable talking to her about her favourite vacationing spot during the holidays: St. Barthes. (Which has greatly influenced her style over the years)

This outfit is the perfect weekend/promenade outfit. The City can get so chaotic that an oversized knit sweater and a comfy romper is all you want to put on to do your errands and or go for brunch during the weekend. She still looks very chic without looking like she is trying too hard to do so. The accessories she wears sparkle the mood of the outfit and can make it funner and more elegant. This is also another perfect transition from winter to spring. When we shot this it was still, maybe, a little too chilly out but now its perfect for that cold spring breeze.

Speaking of accessories, something I have learned since I started FM was that it is not always the most expensive accessory or clothing item the most dear to ones heart. Those that I found to be most cherished are those with a special emotional attachment to it. In Tara’s case the Carousel necklace which was passed down from her grandmother and the rings she’s wearing, which are two intertwined made by her dad for her mother while he was dental school, are undoubtedly her most cherished possessions. It’s not really what you wear, its just how you wear it.

脌 tr猫s bient么t,聽









Wearing: Romper Zara, Cardigan Loft, Shoes Sam Edelman, Necklaces: Carousel Necklaced grandmothers, Lotus Necklace The Yoga Room, Watch Michael Kors. Rings made by her dad during dental school.

Au revoir l’hiver


Ciao, ciao!
Sadly, its that time of the year where I have to say good-bye to my favourite season: Winter. I could write entire books explaining why I love winter so much. From a fashion point of view, obviously, is all the layering that makes me love this season, I can wear boots and coats over coats over scarfs etc. Also I enjoy that in the middle of the cold season my skin gets that “milky” appearance from the lack of sun exposure. OH, and did I mention how amazing it is to sleep under a thousand blankets in the cold winter nights?

Unfortunately, Winter doesn’t last forever; ESPECIALLY when you live in Texas. I also feel I am amongst the very few here that like the cold. People down here make a huge deal if it drizzles a little snow too… this semester we got 3 class days cancelled because it was “too dangerous” to commute through the icy roads. Either way, I was not complaining.馃槢

During this transitional period I love to wear a few soft and breathable layers so I can still keep warm and add a big heavier jacket for the commute to class and or work. The problem with wearing too many layers is that once you get to wherever you have to be the AC will be so hot that you will start sweating like no other… The knit American Apparel blue sweater is perfect for inside since it’s warm but no too hot. The wool coat on the other hand will keep you warm and stylish plus I love the contrast between the tan and the blue. I am also all about the juxtaposition of different textures and try to do that as often as I can. With that said: Hello Spring.馃槈

脌 plus!聽







Wearing: Wool Coat & Blue Knit Sweater: American Apparel, Denim button up: Calvin Klein, Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange, Jeans: Marc Jacobs, Boots: Aldo.

Photos by Juju Huang.

Tay et son manteau


Je vous pr茅sente Taylor!
My lovely friend that currently lives in NYC. We have known each other since High School and I am so thankful we’ve kept in touch throughout all these years. It has been interesting knowing her for such a good while since we both have been able to see each others styles develop and polish as we mature and grow. Tay’s style has always being simple but always very refined. Her style centers around classic pieces that accentuate her femininity in a delicate and elegant manner.

In this outfit I feel so drawn to her coat as the center piece garment. I love the craftsmanship of it and the subtly delicate details that go so well with Tay’s flawless skin tone and cherry rose lips. The mosaic-like patterns of what looks like a fleur-de-lis, stamp on and off the coat for a hint of colour, which is reminiscing of the first sprouts of spring. I also like the practicality of the whole ensemble, as a young professional she can easily wear this for her office and it will simultaneously work for an after work happy hour rendezvous with friends!

Tay, thank you for wanting to be part of FM! xo.

脌 bient么t,





Wearing: Necklace & Skirt: J.Crew, Coat: BB Dakota, Shirt: H&M, Ankle boots: Rampage