Au revoir l’hiver


Ciao, ciao!
Sadly, its that time of the year where I have to say good-bye to my favourite season: Winter. I could write entire books explaining why I love winter so much. From a fashion point of view, obviously, is all the layering that makes me love this season, I can wear boots and coats over coats over scarfs etc. Also I enjoy that in the middle of the cold season my skin gets that “milky” appearance from the lack of sun exposure. OH, and did I mention how amazing it is to sleep under a thousand blankets in the cold winter nights?

Unfortunately, Winter doesn’t last forever; ESPECIALLY when you live in Texas. I also feel I am amongst the very few here that like the cold. People down here make a huge deal if it drizzles a little snow too… this semester we got 3 class days cancelled because it was “too dangerous” to commute through the icy roads. Either way, I was not complaining. :P

During this transitional period I love to wear a few soft and breathable layers so I can still keep warm and add a big heavier jacket for the commute to class and or work. The problem with wearing too many layers is that once you get to wherever you have to be the AC will be so hot that you will start sweating like no other… The knit American Apparel blue sweater is perfect for inside since it’s warm but no too hot. The wool coat on the other hand will keep you warm and stylish plus I love the contrast between the tan and the blue. I am also all about the juxtaposition of different textures and try to do that as often as I can. With that said: Hello Spring. ;)

À plus! 







Wearing: Wool Coat & Blue Knit Sweater: American Apparel, Denim button up: Calvin Klein, Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange, Jeans: Marc Jacobs, Boots: Aldo.

Photos by Juju Huang.

Tay et son manteau


Je vous présente Taylor!
My lovely friend that currently lives in NYC. We have known each other since High School and I am so thankful we’ve kept in touch throughout all these years. It has been interesting knowing her for such a good while since we both have been able to see each others styles develop and polish as we mature and grow. Tay’s style has always being simple but always very refined. Her style centers around classic pieces that accentuate her femininity in a delicate and elegant manner.

In this outfit I feel so drawn to her coat as the center piece garment. I love the craftsmanship of it and the subtly delicate details that go so well with Tay’s flawless skin tone and cherry rose lips. The mosaic-like patterns of what looks like a fleur-de-lis, stamp on and off the coat for a hint of colour, which is reminiscing of the first sprouts of spring. I also like the practicality of the whole ensemble, as a young professional she can easily wear this for her office and it will simultaneously work for an after work happy hour rendezvous with friends!

Tay, thank you for wanting to be part of FM! xo.

À bientôt,





Wearing: Necklace & Skirt: J.Crew, Coat: BB Dakota, Shirt: H&M, Ankle boots: Rampage


Ciao ciao!
Mother Nature decided to let it snow, and it snowed alright! Last week I spent it in nowhere else but in one of my favourite cities in the whole entire world: NYC. I had the opportunity to help out during Fashion Week and see the whole industry from a completely different angle. It was such a growing experience and inspirational as well as it not only reinforced my love for fashion but it also taught me so much about all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes in order to have a successful show.

While I was off duty I sneaked off to Central Park and had a little promenade through its slushy streets as it had just snowed so much a few days ago. Also, as the naive Texan that I am, I brought a bunch of clothes that weren’t particularly winter friendly ESPECIALLY when it came to shoes. All of them got crazy wet in the snow and thank gawd for my Dr. Martens if not I wouldn’t have been able to survive a day with all the iced puddles around the streets. Other than that, I love being in the cold, the layers just add much more fun to everyday outfits. My fur coat was the perfect touch of chicness while still being warm and looking hip. It’s a vintage rabbit fur that I had just gotten few weeks prior coming to the city. The huge infinity scarf was my saviour! The best protection agains the icy wind plus I love the clashing of textures between he fur softness and the rough architectural zig-zags of the yarn. The oversized denim jacket, which was also a thrift find, was perfect to dress down the whole outfit and making the fur more of a causal attire.

I’m now back in Texas, but I have a ton of pics from the backstage of a few shows. I will most likely post them on insta and why not,  maybe make a post about my whole experience soon!

À bientôt, 








Wearing: Denim jacket Blue Hanger, Fur coat Buffalo Exchange, Infinity scarf, V-Neck, sunglasses and socks Urban Outfitters, Jeans Genetic Denim, Shoes Dr. Martens.

Photos by Andreina V.

Chez Jessica


Do you guys remember Jessica?
I knew immediately after being invited over that I had to immortalize her room and show it to the world! What I particularly love about Jessica’s style is that she is not afraid of colour. It is everywhere, on her clothes, walls, shoes!  She’s not afraid to pop, and this is perfectly reflected in her room. There’s vibrance everywhere which aids the eye to travel from one corner of the room to the other. There was so much detail and everything seemed so meticulously placed that it felt so cozy being there despite the fact that it was my first time over!

As we were talking and getting ready for her shoot, I asked her to show me her favourite pieces. She, excitedly, ran to the wall where there were a pair of pink spiked Jeffrey Campbell’s. As an avid thrift shopper she also proudly said how cheap she had gotten them for! She then tried them on and it truly felt as if it were a Cinderella moment, the perfect match. She did a little twirl in them and I was in love. She also showed me her obsession with floral patterns and her many other jewels she had found while thrifting on the East and West Coast.








We also did a little Q&A:

Jess, describe your personal style?

I’ve definitely gone through my share of phases throughout the years (some more embarrassing than others), but I think I’m finally refining and growing into my own personal style. I recently described it as dressing like I belong in a jungle. I love kooky prints and vintage designs, and lately I pick up anything that’s polka dotted or floral. I don’t really look too much on fashion websites and don’t make a conscious effort to “keep up with the trends,” so I’ll buy anything that catches my eye and looks different. I feel like I dress the way I feel, and my style definitely portrays my weird, uninhibited, loud personality. Especially throughout college, I think I became more comfortable with taking risks and buying statement pieces because I started caring less and less if I looked crazy to other people.

Do you have a favourite designer? If so, who?

I’m not too into designer names and labels, and don’t look too much into them. BUT if I had the money to afford them, I guess there’s a few that come to mind. I have 3.1 Phillip Lim glasses, and I would wear all of his clothes to work if I could. But unless I find something super cheap at a thrift store, I can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on a single item of clothing. Jeffrey Campbell is probably the most “upscale” I’ll go, but that’s because those shoes are to die for. I bought JC soirees for $120 as a graduation gift to myself, and that’s the most I’ve ever spent on a single item of clothing/accessory.

What are your top 3 places to shop? 

There are so many local thrift stores in different cities that I love, but I think my top 3 stores would be Jet Rag, H&M, and Urban Outfitters (but never full price). I always stock up during dollar Sundays at Jet Rag and end up coming back from LA with a suitcase full of awesome vintage clothes with the coolest shapes and patterns. H&M has better quality than Forever 21, and I like getting basics there for cheap. I never buy anything at UO full price, but I like stocking up whenever they have the 50% off the sale sale. Shirts for $5, dresses for $20, and shoes for $10!

I know you love thrifting, tell us about your #1 thrift shopping experience.

There’s this place called Jet Rag on La Brea near Hollywood in LA where they do a huge $1 yard sale on Sundays, and it’s a gold mine for any thrifting vintage lover. I think a lot of vintage shop owners go there to buy stock for their stores, because everything is a dollar and you can find the COOLEST stuff. Everything from 70s jumpsuits to even fur coats sometimes (I’ve seen a fight break out for one of those). It’s pretty intense and you literally have to DIVE into a huge parking lot full of dirty clothes, but it’s so worth it. Every time I get a compliment on my outfit, I’m usually wearing something from Jet Rag and it’s cool to say “thanks, I got it for a dollar!”

What advice would you give to someone that has never gone thrift shopping before?

Look for patterns and unique styles. Don’t worry about the size, because almost always a belt or some scissors can fix it. At most, you may have to sew the sleeves or take in the sides a little, but nothing that requires expert sewing skills. I still don’t know how to use a sewing machine, I mostly just cut off bottom fabric and use my needle and thread for minor things and ask my grandma if a big hem is required. Also, don’t be afraid to get something kind of wacky or weird-looking. Go with your gut instinct. If you’re initially compelled to an item, don’t worry about what others will think and just rock it!

From where do you get your style inspiration?

I loveeee observing other people’s styles around the street. If I see something cute or styled in a unique way, I’ll make a mental note of it and it inspires me to play around pairing the clothes I have or look for certain things when I shop. I don’t think I realized this until recently, but I think my wardrobe gets a lot of influence from the late 50’s, early 60’s which probably has to do with my music taste because music from those years are my favorite. I don’t think I own a pair of non-high-waisted bottoms now, but that’s mostly to hide my really short legs! Also, I’m obsessed with anything polkadots and floral. It’s so bad, I’ve realized my closet is slowly being engulfed by polkadots and florals but I just love those patterns! I just like clothes that look happy, because I’m a happy person.

Thank you Jessica for opening your home to us! I loved learning more about you and your style! If you haven’t seen Jessica’s first post check it out here.

À bientôt,

Féline, MEOW


FM is already a year old, isn’t that crazy? Even though it took me a whole year to publish 10 posts, lets hope that this year it will be a little different and I can AT LEAST do one post a month! haha.
Time is flying as always and it’s already “winter” again. Although this year has been a little colder than usual, Texas seems to be unaffected by mother nature. A simple jacket and blue jeans will be enough to keep warm.

I decided to wear the very so cliché BRIAN LICHTENBERG graphic apparel. This was a super huge trend a few seasons back but I still love wearing my Céline sweatshirt… oops, I meant Féline. ;) Every time I wear it I get a ton of compliments plus I’m a huge cat lover so the sweatshirt couldn’t be more fitting. BLACK is the new everything, so a simple black shirt and black pants can look very trendy even if all you’re wearing is a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. This outfit is perfect for me to go to class and or go out at night without looking I put too much effort but still looking rad. If you follow me on instagram and/or twitter (@fashionmonsieur) you probably have seen the debut of my ultimate winter boots, my cherry-coloured Dr. Martens. I wear them with everything pretty much and they are CRAZY comfortable. Also the cute Mickey beanie was a must have and it’s now on sale too @!

Alors à très bientôt,




Wearing: Beanie Urban Outfitters, Sweatshirt Brian Lichtenberg, Skinny Black pants from Armani Exchange, Shoes: Dr. Martens 1460 Boot.

Photos by Juju Huang.

Le 10ème


Ciao guys! I’m finally back.
It has been a season and a half since I’ve been gone and finally here is FM’s 10th post!  Let’s just say Texas is too hot for me to function in the summer time and NOTHING got done. This post is particularly special to me because its in the double digits. I know 10 posts aren’t a lot but it still gets me really excited.

My outfit is my slow transition to full on winter attire! I am playing with a BRIGHT yellow American Apparel T-shirt with black everything else and to accentuate the yellow shirt that comfortable fuzzy greenish/blue sweater. The day we shot this the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The breeze seemed like another accessory to my outfit since every time it would touch my shirt, the chiffon would go on a dance off with the wind.

This summer I developed an obsession with hats and denim. I’ve always avoid wearing hats because getting the look right is rather hard. I despise fedora hats so maybe that’s where my hat-phobia came from, I feel people could look silly wearing them if they don’t get the look right. Thankfully, little by little I have been wearing them throughout the summer and also during night time (I feel that there’s something daring and irreverent about wearing hats at night, using an accessory not for the purpose it was intended to is fun! After all rules are meant to be broken, no? :) ). So here’s some hat-wearing fun to balance that in your face yellow shirt. Finally, the delicate attributes of the bow worn around my neck agains the ruthlessness of the studded boots make this outfit a huge juxtaposition of textures colors and materials that aren’t really meant to go together but somehow end up working out!

À très bientôt, 







Wearing: Shoes Deena & Oozzy, Pants Armani Exchange, Button up T-shirt American Apparel, Bow, Hat, and Sweater Buffalo Exchange.

Photos by Juju Huang.
Accessories and styling advice: Kaidon Ho.

Parisa, France


My Parisa-Joon! 
Parisa is one of my closest friends aka BFFs. I have known her for about 4 years already and as each year passes our friendship has gotten stronger! Parisa’s sense of style is very classic-meets-bohemian-meets-urban. It does not entirely belong in a single category, instead it borrows from the ones already mentioned. Her tan skin and wavy long hair are, undoubtedly, her sexiest natural accessories. She is very trendy and her clothing style is influenced by her music taste as well. She chooses simplicity over clutter but her accessories are usually very fitting with her over all outfit. I love the sheer skirt she is wearing here because just as her personality it is playful, unexpected and free (to dance with the wind).

I love it when Parisa wears sheer or lace, both of these are amongst my favorite types of fabric but in Parisa’s skin they look particularly great. She usually manages to evoke her Persian roots especially through her clothing. Usually her accessories have patterns that allude to the exoticness of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. She is a die hard fanatic of everything Spanish. This was specially intensified after a summer abroad in which she came back more in love with Spain. This love is definitely portrayed in her daily looks and outfits, in certain days I can easily see her channeling the spirit and fire of a Flamenco Dancer from Andalucía!

I love you Par-par! <3

À très bientôt, 









Wearing: Shirt Urban Outfitters, Skirt H&M, Shoes Steve Madden, Necklace Forever 21, Bracelet gift from Spain, Ring vintage from Iran gift from her mom.